Combination Plots : Parameters used in complex plots

# layoutAdjust

Flag to force recalculating the ranges in the axes when multiple graphs are displayed in the canvas
Type: boolean
Default: false

# layoutAxis

Flag to indicated whether to print axes values when multiple graphs are displayed in the canvas. The possible values are: 1: horizontal, 2: vertical, 3: both
Type: string
Default: 3
Options: 1, 2, 3

# layoutBoxLabelColors

# layoutBoxShow

# layoutCanvasCompartments

Flag to draw lines around each graph in the layout in the canvas. Used only when debugging
Type: boolean
Default: false

# layoutCollapse

# layoutConfig

Array of object to assign visualization configurations to each layout
Type: array
Default: []

# layoutGlobalGroups

# layoutLabelBoxThickness

# layoutLabelColor

# layoutLabelShow

# layoutRemoveEmpty

# layoutTopology

Topology of the canvas. Number of columns and rows separated by X. For example: 2X1, 1X3, etc
Type: string
Default: false

# layoutType

Type of layout to place the position for the labels in the trellis plot. Identify the axis that will be used to place the first segregating factor. rows will use the first segregating factor in the rows and the second in the columns. cols will use the first segregating factor in the columns and the second in the rows. wrap will wrap the segregating factors putting the sample factors in the columns
Type: string
Default: wrap
Options: wrap, rows, cols