Histograms : Parameters used to create histograms in 2d scatter plots

# hideHistogram

# histogramAsDotplot

# histogramBarWidth

Length in pixels for half of the bar width in the 2D sccater plot histogram
Type: float Private
Default: false

# histogramBinWidth

# histogramBins

Approximate number of bins in a histogram. It may vary considerably to the actual number used in the histogram to ensure a pretty size for the intervals in the histogram. Default is the same as in ggplot which is 30
Type: integer
Default: 30

# histogramDensityFillTransparency

# histogramLowest

Histogram lowest is a boolean. If true, an x[i] equal to the breaks value will be included in the first (or last, for right = FALSE) bar
Type: boolean
Default: true

# histogramMedianLineStyle

Line type for the histogram median
Type: string
Default: dashed
Options: solid, dotted, dashed, dotdash, longdash, twodash

# histogramPathColor

Color for the histogram path. If not specified the it defaults to the color of the histogram bars
Type: color
Default: rgb(0,0,0)

# histogramPathWidth

# histogramRight

Histogram right is a boolean. If true, the histogram cells are right-closed (left open) intervals
Type: boolean
Default: true

# histogramSizeEstimator

Histogram size estimator
Type: string
Default: sturges
Options: sturges, freedmanDiaconis, scott

# histogramStackDir

Direction to stack the dots in dotplot histograms
Type: string
Default: down
Options: down, center, centerwhole

# histogramStackRatio

Stack ratio for dotplot histograms. I has to be a value between 0 and 1
Type: boolean
Default: 1

# histogramStat

# histogramType

Type of histogram when multiple series are present
Type: string
Default: dodged
Options: dodged, staggered, stacked

# isCreateHistogram

# isHistogram

Flag to track conversion of 2D scatter plot into histograms
Type: boolean Private
Default: false

# showFilledHistogramDensity

# showHistogramDataPoints

# showHistogramDensity

# showHistogramMedian

# showHistogramPath

# showHistogramQuantiles

Flag to show/hide the quantile 0.25 and 0.75 in density plots
Type: boolean
Default: false