Lines : Properties to adjust Lines

# adjustBezier

Flag to automatically select the bezier line type. the bezier can start from the top or bottom (vertical), or from the side (horizontal). This will be based on the location of the two points joined by the line
Type: boolean
Default: false

# arrowHeadAngle

# arrowHeadSize

# arrowHeadType

Type for the head of the arrows
Type: string
Default: filledArc
Options: unFilled, filledStraight, filledArc, filledQuadratic, filledBezier

# arrowQuadraticFactor

# capType

Default type of cap for lines
Type: string
Default: butt
Options: butt, round, square

# dashLength

Size in pixels of the length of the dashes and the separation between the dashes in the dashed lines
Type: integer
Default: 8

# dotLength

Size in pixels of the length between dots in the doted lines
Type: integer
Default: 1

# joinType

Default type for joining lines
Type: string
Default: mitter
Options: mitter, bevel, round

# lineThickness

# outlineWidth

Default width in pixels for lines in networks and other line elements in all visualizations except for the lines in the line plots
Type: float
Default: 1