Meter Graphs : General parameters in meter graphs

# meterBackgroundColor

# meterColorScheme

Color schemes can be user defined which will take the colors in the color property or one provided in canvasXpress. The order of the colors will be used to sequentially select when a different color is needed in a particular visualization
Type: string
Default: Spectral
Options: YlGn, YlGnBu, GnBu, BuGn, PuBuGn, PuBu, BuPu, RdPu, PuRd, OrRd, YlOrRd, YlOrBr, Purples, Blues, Greens, Oranges, Reds, Greys, PuOr, BrBG, PRGn, PiYG, RdBu, RdGy, RdYlBu, Spectral, RdYlGn, Accent, Dark2, Paired, Pastel1, Pastel2, Set1, Set2, Set3, Default, Basic, Light, Favorite, Pastel, Balanced, Rpalette, RlatticeBackground, RlatticeShingle, RlatticeLine, RlatticePolygon, Bootstrap, Economist, EconomistBG, Excel, Excel2, Excel3, GGPlot, Solarized, SolarizedBase, PaulTol, ColorBlind, Tableau, TableauGrey, TableauColorBlind, TableauTrafficLight, TableauPurpleGrey, TableauBlueRed, TableauGreenOrange, TableauCyclic, TableauPairSequential, TableauTripleDiverging, WallStreetJournal, WallStreetJournal2, WallStreetJournal3, WallStreetJournalRedGreen, WallStreetJournalBlackGreen, WallStreetJournalDemRep, Stata, Stata2, Stata3, StataMono, BlackAndWhite, CanvasXpress, CanvasXpressT

# meterColors

# meterEnd

# meterGroup

Name of the sample category to use to create the meters
Type: string
Default: false
Options: false

# meterIndex

Variable index to use creating a meter when there are multiple variables
Type: integer

# meterMax

# meterMin

# meterNeedleColor

# meterSegments

# meterStart

# meterSummary

Summary to calculate for the meters
Type: string
Default: average
Options: count, average, sum, percentage, percentageTotal, countTotal, sumTotal

# meterThickness

Thickness in pixels for the vertical, horizontal and state meters
Type: integer
Default: 50

# meterTopology

Topology set up for the meters
Type: string
Default: auto
Options: auto, grid, horizontal, vertical

# meterType

Type of meter.
Type: string
Default: gauge
Options: gauge, speedometer, vertical, horizontal, state, digital, number

# meterVar

Name of the variable use to create the meter. The first variable will be used if not specified or if it is non-valid
Type: string
Default: false
Options: false